A New Book to the Pile

I know I’ve been silent on this blog, and mostly it’s due to helping take care of my now 1-year-old Niece (she’s adorable and in good health, don’t worry on that) but I’ve also been exploring other, non-spiritual things.

One of these things was a Read-a-thon, specifically Dewey’s 24-Hour Read-a-thon. I had chosen three books and they weren’t really the right size for a 1-day read-a-thon.

The Book I started the Read-a-thon with was the shortest of the three, page-wise, and it’s the one I’m posting about now.

This amazing book is going right into my Shelves as a book worth reading for anyone following Anpu, or any other Canine Deity. I’m not sure where on the book list to put it though.

The Book is Spirit of the Wolf, by Linda Star Wolf and Casey Piscitelli. and there’s a review of the book over on my book blog. Click to title to go read the review. I hope you give it a read, too. Not only it is an amazing book for my path, or part of it at least, but the artwork (done by Antonia Neshev) is Amazingly Beautiful.

I am SO glad I found this book and I am  a bit sad I didn’t read it sooner! (I had picked it up at a big chain Book Store’s ‘closing this location’ sale some time ago because it was one of the few books left in the metaphysical section and the cover was stunning.)

There’s not very much Specifically about any sort of Egyptian Path within these pages, in fact, there’s more mention to Native American Paths then anything else, but there’s a lovely bit on Anpu and his connection towards the end of the book. I think Daddy Anpu smiled a little when I read that part. I know I did. :3

So, if your curious, go check the book out for yourself. You might find something surprising within it’s pages, like I did.


All the Books

WOW two posts in one day! GASP AND SHOCK!

But here’s why, I’ve been working on my Tabs up top, the biggest change being deleting some tabs, merging others, and creating a few new ones. Under Resources you’ll find the Blogroll Page, along with some Book Pages. It’s the books I really wanna talk about.

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A Kemetic Book

One of the things I learned about so many years ago, when I’d just found out ‘Oh my gods people still worship the Greeks?!’ and went hunting for Wicca stuff, was this thing called a Book of Shadows.

If your not familiar with this Term or you’re just a baby pagan/wiccan/what have you, a Book of Shadows (BoS) is basically a magical Diary of a bunch of different stuff. If you do spellwork, you might write down how you preformed a spell, what you used in it and how it worked later on. If your into Herbs you might write down what the herbs mean to you, how you use them in your chosen craft, and what their history is. if you’re into stones, well hey, List ’em and explain them in your craft!

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Playing with Cards

One of the things I let slide when I let this blog slide was my Cards.

I had originally started doing daily cards here on the blog (back before I deleted everything to restart it) and when I stopped posting, I stopped drawing cards.When I started up this blog again, one of the things I also picked up again, due to some subtle hints, was picking up my Cards again. Although, I don’t think I’ll be posting them this time around, least, not online.

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Daughter of Anpu?

‘Daughter of Anpu’ is the other term I mentioned in my last post that you guys might see pop up fairly frequently, seeing as ‘Jackal Child’ is rather broad. Since I know someone out there might start freaking out, let me explain this term real quick – I do NOT think I am Anpu’s Daughter by Blood or anything like that, I’m not trying to take the place of Kebauet, Kebechet,or whoever else anyone might believe is part of Anpu’s family.

Now that that’s done with, if your still reading, let me tell you why I use the term ‘Daughter of Anpu’, despite the disclaimer up there, and what the term really means to me. This is gonna be another long post I’m afraid.

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Jackal Child?

So… this might be a term you end up seeing pretty often on this Blog. ‘Jackal Child‘. So what’s a Jackal Child?

A Jackal Child is a term I made up to describe who I am in this mixed-up, many-pathed thing I’m trying to figure out. New Kemetics and Elders alike might recognize the struggle of figuring out WHERE on the Kemetic Scale you stand. Kemetic Reconstrutionalist? Tamera Wiccan? Follower of Isis? Of Ra? Of Aten?

One of the Great things about beliefs in Ancient Egypt was that there were so many different ones. Ones for Each Town and city, Each Nome (I guess this is something Equivalent to a State or County?) and even peoples that the Ancient Egyptians invaded and took over, their beliefs weren’t destroyed, rather, they were incorporated or just left alone for the conquered peoples to continue practicing, least as far as the books I’ve read say (if someone has new info on this, tell me please!) so there was lots of different versions someone could choose from.

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A New Beginning

This blog’s been gathering dust for a while now, so I figured it was time for a new start a while back, and deleted most everything. There were a few entries I was hesitant to delete however, but I finally decided to go ahead and delete them, after, of course, grabbing part of one that I still feel is important.

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